Our Holiday- Starting with the Basics.

During the holidays with the kids, and especially during these weekends before Christmas break, we spend a lot of time home, baking cookies, watching Holiday movies, and reading stories about Christmas. The girls love staying in their pj's all day- and sometimes so do I during these fun festive weekends at home. I am so excited to …

Little Cotton Wood

ORLAYA EYELET DRESS   Harmonica      

P o e t Style.

Wearing the Sweet Potatoe Bib+Bandanna KnotsxArrows Bloomer+Shorties and Headwrap ButterBean Moccasins Target Tshirt     

C h o o s e to S h i n e.

Choose To Shine Shirt <> Bebonafide Jean Shorts <> Old Navy Moccs <>  Little Butter Bean Shop Head Wrap <> Naro Clothing Mr. Tod the Fox <> Handmade by LES PETITS CLARKS