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L a i k y n L e i g h.

I love all things knit. Knitted things to me are artistic, earthy and natural. L a i k y n L e i g h is all those- Her work is stunning. It was such a honor to be able to capture my girls in her handiwork. Z o e y is wearing FAUX FUR HOODED …

P o e t Style.

Wearing the Sweet Potatoe Bib+Bandanna KnotsxArrows Bloomer+Shorties and Headwrap ButterBean Moccasins Target Tshirt     

Kids #ootd

<> Z o e y's Outfit <> Sweater <> H&M Pants <> Target Moccasins <> Little ButterBean Shop  <> P o e t's Outfit <> Shirt <> The Curated Tee Tutu <> Target Leggings  <> Haus of Zoe Moccasins <> Little ButterBean Shop


One of the amazing shops that my kids are Brand Enthusiast for is ButterBean Moccs. These baby/toddler leather moccasins are the softest durable little shoes ever. We love them! Those little tootsies are ready for spring!