Living Simply

When I was younger as soon as I learned I could pick and choose my own outfits I did. And the combinations I came up with gave me so much joy even though the result often was the ragamuffin look. Probably didn’t help that I would change outfits five or more times a day just …

Little Cotton Wood

ORLAYA EYELET DRESS   Harmonica      

O a k s of A c o r n

Every brand I work with has a beating heart behind it with inspiration and creativity. I am so privileged that I get to share these beautiful pieces with you  amazing work of a fashion artists but something more meaningful, heart. Oaks of Acorn is one of those brands. They have been popping up on my …

P o e t Style.

Wearing the Sweet Potatoe Bib+Bandanna KnotsxArrows Bloomer+Shorties and Headwrap ButterBean Moccasins Target Tshirt