My Story Of Divorce

I start writing this and wonder if I even should begin. I am divorced. It’s something that doesn’t define me, it is also something that happened to me. It has caused people to back away and keep their distance from me that I was once close to. I am here to share with you my […]

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The Humble Soles.

As I write this I feel my littlest tiny wild move around inside me, and when I put my hand on top of her I feel her little tiny feet roll across. When Zoey & Poet, were born I remember that feeling of being enamored by those tiny little toes they had and how soft […]

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Fathers Day 2018

  It was such a special Fathers Day, I got to see my dad, mom, and little (not so little anymore) brothers who live all the way in South Dakota.   It was such a surprise visit and so short and sweet- and I am counting down the days that I get to see them […]

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25 Weeks Update.

I’m so behind on all things pregnancy on here. And that is what 25weeks is looking like for me in a nutshell- SO BEHIND. I feel like this time has flown by so fast and I have so much to do and yet to do that I haven’t done. But I will share with you […]

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Meet Baby #3

  It was a chilly October night, Your daddy was in the kitchen doing the supper dishes and I just had purchased a pregnancy test and gone to the bathroom to use it. I still remember watching it- waiting for two little lines to appear. and none did. I took that little stick into the […]

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