N u b y Monster Review.

Having two girls I never imagined anything other then tutus, fairytales, and teatime. Little did I know that these baby girls of mine would adore those things and so much more. They L O V E monsters. Chasing each other around the house growling and being “mombies” zombies. The laughter and the giggles that follow…

For the B l o g g e r s.

You don’t have to be given a product or be a brand representative to write a review. Look for things around your house that improve your lifestyle or products, food, clothing that you just simple enjoy or do not enjoy. 1. Write about what you like/didn’t like. 2. When or how do you like using…

Summer Beauty Products I Love

Here are a few Beauty products I use on a daily basis. Most products I got from Influenster to review and some I purchased. All I absolutely love. Here are the links where you can purchase these products. Organic Facial Scrub from Sugs Shoppe. Hair Food Shampoo. Almay Luminous Primer. Revlon Airbrush Effect. Airbrush Legs…

No-Spill Flip-It Cup N u b y ParentBlogger Review.

We call this our “Nah night Baa.”  Our eldest baby girl takes a bottle with her to bed at night- its a comfort thing, some kids have blankets or pacifiers, this girl has her “Baa” and little animals.

Sea Scooper N u b y Review.

Bath toys- I have always had a difficult time finding the right place for them afterwards- not wanting to leave them laying in the tub, or having to wait so they can dry and I can place them in a container on the shelf.

Nuby Sipper Cup Review.

Nuby 10 Ounce No Spill Clik-It Gripper Cup with Soft Silicone Spout. Spring/Summer is here which means we get to do our favorite activity ever- P i c n i c s!!!!