Celebrating Spring & all things Girlie. >>> with DirtySouthVintage <<<

I have never really liked having my photo taken.

I have no problem taking a “selfie” but actually having someone capture me is something that always made me uncomfortable about until last year.

I was looking through my photos on Instagram of my baby girls that I have taken through the years and I saw only a handful of me and them together…

This is a subject that I have come across many times- one that I have always agreed with.

But agreeing and doing is not the same thing.


And so I started to change.

Change the way I looked at myself, changed the way I let myself feel others looked at me like and started to embrace.

And so to me these images are more then just images they are something I will always treasure.


It’s a testimony that we can change… that we don’t have to shy away from truly showing people who we are.

I am so excited to Feature Dirty South Vintage with this post.

I am wearing these shoes I got from them and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

They are comfortable, affordable and so darling.

I feel like I’m bringing Spring wherever I go with them!!!

You can find these Ladies fashion leather upper slingback strap with buckle, with wooden stacked block heel here.


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