A little tradition. A little of me.

Have you ever been known for something?

Known for your love of animals, cooking, the outdoors, chocolate, dancing crazy lol

Whatever it is- its a tiny part of who we are.

Everyone knows my love I have for my coffee- I mean I Gilmore Girls Love my coffee.

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There is something about  waking up in the morning, picking out my coffee mug that fits my mood and sipping (gulping) my coffee, while the bustle of the morning happens.

The love for coffee started when I was born into the family I am in.

I remember my first sip I had.

I was four years old and my Mom was having her cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer in this white porcelain cup that had little blue flowers on it.

She handed me the cup and I remember it tasting so sweet.


Happiness- a instant jolt of home and love and warm memories come to me with the smell of coffee.

This dark sweet drink has brought so many happy memories and gatherings.

When Zoey & Poet were two and barely one years old I lived near my sister in South Dakota.

We had mornings were she or I would just pop into each others houses to grab a quick cup of coffee and say hi and then get going with our day.

To this day she will or I will call each other in the morning when one is on their way to work picking up some Starbucks or at home just enjoying those first few moments of quietness and we connect with each other.

It has been a open invitation for my dear close girlfriends- when one of us is out of coffee or creamer we bring one or the other to each other.

For me it is not about how coffee makes me function because there are days when I don’t have a cup, but for me its more about tradition and comfort, a ritual that brings a little bit of midwest home to my northern home.


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