The Best Of Holidays & Best Dry Dog Food. + Giveaway.

Getting a puppy has been a long time wish for all of us.

When we got our puppy Dixi we wanted to make sure we were getting her the best of dog food.

OWNER TIP: How do you know if the dog food you’re giving your pet is the right one? The proof can be seen in your dog’s appearance and behavior: shiny coat, bright eyes, good weight, and healthy energy. If your dog is sluggish or is acting out of character, take a closer look at their diet.

If you would like to learn more about what is The Best Dry Dog Food for your puppy is click here. >>> BEST DRY DOG FOOD <<<

If you’re looking for a fun gift for your family pet look no further then Wag


Now that you have seen some of the awesome stuff they have and since it is the Season of Giving I am excited to tell you that I’m giving away  a gift certificate for $50 USD to!!!

Here is how you Enter:

1. Post a Comment Below about Brand of Dog Food You would get with your Gift certificate.

2. Post a Comment About What is Your Favorite Gift from the Wish List above is.

Commenting on this post is mandatory in order to win.

Giveaway will last 10 Days.

This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a gift certificate.

If you are looking for to Adopt a Dog to add to your loving home please visit AllPaws.

Adopting Dixi was one of the best things ever for our little family and has brought so much joy to us.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
― Anatole France

Thank you for visiting LesPetitsClarks and I wish you a very Merry Week.


13 thoughts on “The Best Of Holidays & Best Dry Dog Food. + Giveaway.

  1. We feed our puppy, Ruby, Blue Buffaloand she loves it! She is growing like a weed and we are looking forward to continuing to feed her Blue Buffalo as she grows, so that’s the kind of food we would get!

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  2. Out dog is eleven years old and has bad grain allergies, so I would probably go for the Nulo Senior Grain-free. As for choosing something from the list – everything looks great! The practical part of me would want to get the food canisters, but our dog could really use a new sweater, so I’d probably end up going with that. Because she is spoiled. 😉

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