Living Simply

When I was younger as soon as I learned I could pick and choose my own outfits I did.

And the combinations I came up with gave me so much joy even though the result often was the ragamuffin look.

Probably didn’t help that I would change outfits five or more times a day just because I could lol.

We don’t always have time to go look for the perfect outfit to wear sometimes.

And we really don’t always have the time to change our outfit when we need to go someplace.

Somedays we just grab the first thing that our hand lands on in the closet or dresser drawer.

There is something that I have found to help me feel and look put together even on the craziest of days.

The key is: Getting Rid Of Clothes.

When you have a moment or two to go through your clothes.

Find what color you enjoy wearing the most.


For me these are earth tones.

Grey’s, Creams, Browns, etc.

Get rid of the rest.

Or put away in a separate place.

By putting my earth tones only colors in my closet I can grab a shirt, or sweater and put them together and this is starting to rhyme but you get the picture.

It goes together perfectly and I feel so put together.

I am starting to do this with my children.

Only having light blues, whites and grays.

That way I can grab whatever shirt or pants they need to wear without thinking.

I took this ingenious way of living from a wonderful sister of mine. And it has truly made my life easier.

I love patterns, and sometimes I love throwing a pop of pattern into my closet and that is always fun.

What is even more awesome is that it goes with the color scheme I have even if none of the colors are in the pattern.

Thats the wonderful thing about all earth tones, or grays and blues.

Its just the beginning and I haven’t quite gotten rid of everything yet.

Today its the clothes tomorrow its going to be my house.

I am all about the minimalist life style and this is just a small way I have begun to simplify my life.

What are some small easy ways you have found to simplify and increase your way of living?


One thought on “Living Simply

  1. as long as my little girl loves clothing, i let her (sometimes) choose her clothing, so it’s a color chaos in the wardrobe 🙂 plus, my friends’ bigger children clothing, that makes it even more chaotic. but i do adore the way you dress your beautiful girls!


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