A Bachelor Viewing Party

So excited to bring you this Collaboration with 
Kristen Carlson.
She has a wonderful blog called   BlissfullyInsaneBlog.com    where she writes everything from Motherhood, D.I.Y projects- to personal life happenings. 

We joined together to share with you how we threw a Bachelor viewing  Party every Monday.


. . . 

~ Kristen ~


 I am part of Bachelor nation. I admit it. I have no shame. It is entertaining. It is comical. It is a horrifically, beautifully, edited and I think staged love story. Many relationships have no chance of making it while others have found the love of their life. I have been sucked in! While watching the Bachelor alone is fine, watching it with friends or family is even better. 


~ What I love about the Bachelor Group Message Party ~

Before this season of the Bachelor my mom started a group message on Facebook. It was so we all could come together and talk about what was taking place during the show and what are thoughts were.


It has been an absolute blast and I now wonder why I have not watched the Bachelor like this before! I absolutely enjoy my Monday nights. Since we all live in different cities this gives us a chance to take two hours and chit chat and watch our favorite show together! It has made watching the Bachelor a much more entertaining (if that is even possible) experience. From the commentary of what crazy antics Olivia was doing, to the endless GIFs, to the battle of who is going to win. It is such a joy to be able to “watch” the Bachelor with my family!


~ Faith ~

I LOVE watching the Bachelor show. I just love Romance in books, movies, and in life. Watching someone find their true love- thats beautiful. Give me all the sappy love stories Plus the crazy people that get to be apart of the show too- that just is the icing on the cake. 😀


~ What I love about the Bachelor Group Message Party ~

Connection. Having a time that is set apart just to connect and hang out with your Girlfriends / friends. I often forget to set time apart for just myself and to connect with other people and talk Adult. It has made the Bachelor that more exciting to watch. 

It’s like a Pajama Party. You have your wine. Your house might be a mess or not,  you get to be in your comfy pajamas, and get to hang out with your favorite people.

The Commentary. Because no matter how stupid it gets you always have your party right there to send hilarious comments back and forth with.



The GIFS! Omg- Facebook Thank you for getting the GIFS on the keyboard!! There are times when the perfect reaction is a Gif and it’s so hilarious.



Last but probably one of the best thing about having a Bachelor Group Message Party is no Babysitter needed.


~ Brackets ~

This year we decided to do brackets. Yes, people actually do brackets for the bachelor! Let me tell you it is the greatest thing ever! It is fun to root for someone and at the same time root for the individuals you want sent home. It was also fun to see what every one in our group thought and who they chose for the final rose. It throws a little competition into the mix! 

~ How It Works ~

So how do the brackets work? Well it is a very straightforward process. Before the show starts you decide week by week who will stay and who will go. It may seem difficult since you do not know much about the people but it is fun to see which ones you think will make it far. *Side note I had Olivia going into the final four ….oops! Then there is a point system in place so each week you can tally your points and at the end see you wins!



Inline image 3



 ~ Who Do We Want To Be The Next Bachelorette? ~


Kristen : This is hard question because there would be a number of women perfect for the next bachelorette. If Ben does not choose Lauren (ummm that would be ludicrous!) she would be my number one pick. But I would like to see Becca too since she has been on twice with no luck! Everyone deserves to find the love of their life!


Faith : That is such a hard question because there are three people I would like to see be the next Bachelorette- If Ben doesn’t choose Jojo ( which would be so dumb of him since I think she is perfect and I would marry her! #TeamJojo ) I would love to see her the next Bachelorette. Also Amanda and Caila.

We loved doing this group message party and the fun bracket game and wanted to share it with you so we created our own bracket for The Bachelorette!!


Just click on the PDF Download below and print it out for use.

The Bachelorette Bracket


Now going to get my comfy pjs on and some wine and watch Women Tell All!!! 😀


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