“The path to development is a journey of discovery that is clear only in retrospect, and it’s rarely a straight line. ” ~Eileen Kennedy-Moore

I wasn’t sure if I should write about this new journey we are on or not- since its personal one but then I decided I should since reading blogs and other parents experiences has helped me a lot with what to expect. 
My oldest daughter always and continues to amaze us with how quick she catches on to things- she loves to learn.  
Watching our children take those steps in growing up and passing milestones just gives us so much joy- no matter what the age they are- or if they are up to par with what the book says they should be doing by this age or not just watching them grow in their own time is amazing. 
Zoey has always taken every milestone in her own time and way. 
Then there are areas that sometimes they need a little nudge to help them succeed.
Zoey little nudge is Speech therapy. 
We just had our first session today.
Helping Zoey to speak clearly has been something we have been working on for awhile.

And it’s been so hard to watch her struggle trying to get people understand her. 

I can see the frustration in her eyes when trying to tell someone a story and even though I know what she is saying they can’t quite understand her and try to guess the words. 
She is so ready for this.
I am so ready for this.
We walked into the Speech therapy center and were immediately greeted by some wonderful people. 
They greeted Zoey and got down on her level to talk with her and then guided us towards the room where they would be evaluating her.
The speech therapist and consult sat down with me and went over the paper work.
They where so kind. 
That is one thing that just made my heart so happy and at rest.
I know this is silly- of course they would be kind.
But going into this I worried. 
Worried that this would be hard for Zoey. 
Worried that I would walk away feeling like I failed her.  
Even though I know that was so weird of me to think that way. 
It was just comforting to walk in and feel their welcoming and warm spirit. 
So after filling out the paperwork I told Zoey I was going to go with Poet and sit down and she would stay there and play with the kind lady and we would be right back.
She was like “Okay Mom”. 
So proud of that independent spirit she has. 
I was then taken to a room next door to hers where I could watch them read, talk and just see where she is at in her speech.
I am so proud of that little girl!!  

she answered the questions the best she knew.

 It was amazing to watch.
And  she so loved the activities they did, reading, looking at flash cards, playing with play dough, naming colors- is just a few things they did. 

Even though her speech is difficult to understand most times for other people the wonderful Speech therapist picked up what she was saying.
There where times where Zoey would say something that I understood but the therapist didn’t.
The whole process was so fun for Zoey- she loved it. And seeing that just my heart so full of joy. 
Watching your child struggle with anything is heartbreaking- and knowing that they will be stepping out and tackling this milestone in a new way is sometimes scary to think about but exciting at the same time.
And we are just excited now.
Waking out of there, Zoey didn’t want to leave. 
And she was so excited to hear that we will be coming back again and so am I.
So if your pediatrician or family doctor tell you your child needs speech therapy. 
Don’t worry like I did- even though you will because what the heck we are parents. 
It’s going to be a good experience for you and your child. 
So I am excited about this journey.
This milestone my child is taking on and I know will pass in her own time and way. 


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