N u b y Monster Review.

Having two girls I never imagined anything other then tutus, fairytales, and teatime. Little did I know that these baby girls of mine would adore those things and so much more. They L O V E monsters. Chasing each other around the house growling and being “mombies” zombies.

The laughter and the giggles that follow these playful imagination of theirs makes my heart full of happiness.

So when looking for some sippers for the girls and Zoey caught the picture of these delightful set of kids tupperware you can only imagine her delight.

This Sipper cup although pretty “scary” looking is actually really easy to clean and use. The bottom part which the handle is connected to snaps off for easy cleaning purpose.

My kids have shaken this sipper upside down and no drips or spills have happened.

The Plates have some unusual grooves where the feet are and since we don’t have a dishwasher at this time and are washing everything by hand I have found that a bottle brush is handy to clean those little grooves.

The fork and spoon are fun and easy to grip and use for my children.

On days when they aren’t that interested in the food before them I tell them that they have to feed the monster and we make eating into a fun time of play and before they know it they have eaten everything off their plate.

This set would be the perfect Halloween gift for your little too.

I have not come across a Nuby product I haven’t liked or been impressed with.

I recommend this product for toddlers and all children who love Monsters.

You can purchase this set H E R E.

* I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own


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