Road trip Q & A


Getting ready to go on a family trip is kinda the best thing ever for me.

I love traveling and hope I pass that love to my children as well.

Every Tuesday on Instagram I am apart of a Conversation Loop called Tuesday Coffee Chat, this Loop is run by The Joyful Tribe.

This last Tuesday my question was;

What is your must have for road-trips? Do you pack a lunch- or stop along the way.

I received so many awesome answers and ideas and I thought I would share them.

1. “Treat your road trip like a buffet.” ~ @

Who doesn’t like that idea?!! Seriously- trying fun restaurants along the way is always fun. Each state always has one of those one of a kind places that make the road trip memorable,

What is your “one of a kind” eating place in your town?

2. “We stop along the way! Chickfila is one of our favorites for our 11 month old. Delicious grilled chicken nuggets and love the applesauce pouches for the car!” ~ @

We don’t have a Chickfila where we live, sadly, but when there is one in the town we are passing through we certainly make a point to stop. I love the idea of the applesauce pouches.

What is your favorite thing to order at Chickfila?

3. “My oldest will be busy for hours if I give him a coloring book and crayons! And that is perfect for a road trip!! ~@

Coloring books are a huge win for my kids as well- although Poet tends to eat the crayons. My solution for that is- Colored Pens. which she does tend to tattoo herself with- but i am all for creativity so thats okay 😉 which brings me to my own #4 must have on a trip.

What is your child’s favorite activity to do on road trips?

4. Baby wipes. They are magic. they take out coffee spill stains on shirts- ( which is AWESOME since i am always missing my mouth whenever I drink coffee- like always lol), pen marks, messes- pretty much everything- I use baby wipes for EVERYTHING!

What is your must have accessory in the car for road trips? 

5. “Movies and packed lunches. Eating fast food and sitting in a car all day makes me feel gross.” ~@

THIS is true- junk food always has a way of making me feel- well like junk. And packing lunches saves on money which is always a huge bonus.

What are some ways you save money on road trips? 

6. When making lunches for road-trips here are some ideas I love to do, I got some of these ideas from my mom. 😉

Griledl Chicken. I cut the chicken into slices, You can use this for a snack or make sandwiches on the road.

Baby carrots. Frozen peas. Avocado slices. String Cheese/ Cheese slices. Apples. Clementines. Animal Crackers. Chocolate Chip Cookies. (because we all need our chocolate fix.) Bottled water.

This is just a few of the items on my food list when I pack for a trip.

What are your favorite food items to bring on a trip?

7.”A good playlist. We make a list of songs for each road trip that matches the mood – so most of our trips have a soundtrack.”~

I ADORE this idea!! Music is EVERYTHING in our family. We seriously have a a dance party every day at our house. Making a “mix tape” JUST for the trip is something I am totally going to do for our next road trip.

What is your favorite artist to listen to on the road?

8. “If its mostly mcds we’ll pack lunch.”~

McDonalds. Oh goodness— my kids love McD’s, when I was pregnant with my eldest all i wanted to eat was Mcdonalds fries.

So unhealthy but oh so good. 😛

What are fast foods places do you try to avoid on trips? 

9. “iPad (I’m not ashamed to admit it haha).”~@

YES! our iPad is our lifeline on trips- my youngest gets carsick and watching a movie is pretty much the only thing that distracts her from getting sick.

What is your favorite movie to watch on a trip? 

10. “Snacks, snacks and snacks! Also comfy pillows and blankets. I’ve also wrapped presents for the kids to open each hour in the hour before…that was pretty exciting for them. 👍”~@

Dear @ Can I be your kid?! What a fun idea to wrap presents for your little ones to open up along the way!    I have tons of Dollar Store and Dollar isle from Target ideas popping in my head.

What are some ways you make road trips fun?

11. “Always stop along the way!! Find those local stops you can’t find anywhere else, or the watering holes with the famous mixologists. And essentials always include lots of water, Red Bull, and a satisfying snack like Cheese-Its.”~

Love this answer. ^^^  And I would add this to the list of essentials- COFFEE.

What is your favorite and must have caffeinated drink on a road trip?

12. We STOP a lot on road trips. Mentioned above is awesome ideas. One thing that makes our trips bearable with toddlers in tow is Stopping every two or three hours on a road trip wither we need it or not just to get our kids out and let them run around and shake off any car cabin fever they may be feeling.  You may think this makes the trip longer (which technically it does) but it actually feels shorter because you are not being stressed by unhappy kids crying in the car because they been sitting too long.

What are some ways that cure your car cabin fever on long road trips?

13. “I pack some snacks and drinks but also love to find the road less traveled and those little diners that are amazing!!! Also I love the outdoors so I love picnics or cafes with sitting patios.”~@

Taking the scenic route. Such a fun idea. We always like taking our time when heading home from whatever destination we were at.

Do you like to take road less traveled? Or Do you like to drive the fast route to your destination?

14. “Those little boxes that you get at the craft store are the absolute handiest road trip caddies for kids!” ~@

What are your favorite crafts to bring on trips? 

Hope you enjoyed reading these awesome ideas for road trips. Post your answers below- Always love reading your comments.

Love and Light to you all and safe travels.


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