Yesterday evening the girls went outside to run around a bit before bedtime.

Zoey wanted to tell the Sun goodnight.

Poet wanted to see the neighbors cows.

Its a wonderful thing knowing your children, and knowing what certain words mean when they say them- a jumbled sentence sounds— well jumbled to someone else, but it sounds clear as day to you.

I hear the term “losing yourself”… or the thinking (I have thought this.) That I have somehow lost myself to motherhood, my body, etc.

I honestly think that is such a hurtful way to say that- “lost yourself”- hurtful to yourself and your heart to think that way.

I am still me- I haven’t “lost” anything.

My body was created to bring in life… so in a way my body has finally become what it was meant to be.

It has reached its metamorphosis. 

So if this is “losing myself” then I hope I never find me again.

6 thoughts on “thoughts….

  1. lovely way to talk about it… i think everyone of us has different periods and maternity’s one of them, when we choose to be mothers, we choose to leave a lifestyle and say welcome to a new one.

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