Co-sleeping, Tandem Nursing, and other adventures.

When becoming a parent, some people read books on parenting techniques,

how to get your baby to sleep by themselves to how you know you can start feeding your child solids.

I read several parenting books, and I always enjoy a good article on the “How to’s” and Methods of Parenting.


When Zoey was born I honestly never heard of the word “Co-sleep”. I knew a lot of people went by the method of putting their baby in their bassinet or crib at night.

I think I laid her down to sleep in her crib twice after we brought her home to the hospital. But I got up so much to nurse her (every two hours) plus the checking on her making sure she is still breathing that I finally just took her to bed with us out of exhaustion and worry.

That is when we officially started Co-sleeping.

By the time Zoey was 11months I started reading about how to transition her into her crib to sleep by herself. I read about the “Cry it out” method and I tried it ONCE, and I couldn’t do it. Something about it just made me say “No, she is not ready.” And I am glad I listened to my ma ma’s instinct.

Then after her first Birthday I tried sitting with her singing to her while she was in her crib- but she just wasn’t ready.

Now I have no issue with parents who use this method, I for myself did not find it to work, and only to stress my child and myself out.

So we took her back into our bed.

Waking up to kisses from your little baby and nursing her in the morning was a delight. Our journey of Co-Sleeping was beautiful.

1459815_10203489427909207_4064343021576363135_nWhen our Second beautiful daughter was born we added another little one to our Co-sleeping family.

Zoey continued Co-sleeping with us and Poet.

I started Tandem nursing-

At night it was their time to nurse and fall asleep together.

It was a a beautiful bonding experience for them as sisters.

I will never forget when Zoey reached over and held her newborn baby sisters hand.

Them sleeping together and tandem nursing for us made the transition for Zoey into sharing her parents so much easier for her and for us.

Potty Training.

I was ready for Zoey to be potty trained when she was two years old.

I Started putting her on the toilet, but she was just scared of sitting on a seat with a hole in it and had no idea why mom was just waiting for her.

Again I realized she was just not ready for this step.

Then when Zoey turned 3 years old she suddenly became interested going to the bathroom.

One day she was taking a bath with Poet and got out and sat on the toilet and went potty!!!!

I was shocked!

All on her own she took the step to become potty trained.

It was incredible moment.

This last move we are out in the country, Zoey and Poet love it- they play outside all morning and afternoon.

Well it came for nap time one day last week, and Zoey was just seriously tired to the point of being a big little grump.

I got the bottle ready for her and tucked her into bed.

I kissed her forehead and said “Zoey time to go to sleep like a big girl, Mommy loves you and will be right here if you need me. Goodnight,”

She looked at me a little concerned but said “Okay” and whimpered a little bit.

I closed the door and she yelled out”Mommy!”

I answered her again, saying I am right here, she understood and went to sleep.

This was a huge step for her. She was ready for it, I knew it- she knew it and we transitioned peaceably out of Co-sleeping.

It was non-stressful and exciting.

We got her a bed and started a new routine.

She loves being read Dr. Seuss books before night and goes to bed with them,

sometimes I hear her pretending to read them out loud to herself before nodding off to sleep.

All I can say is this- when she was ready to take steps to growing up—-

she acted upon them, sometimes with my help most times she just did it.


Every parent has their method, this is ours.

To let them grow at their own pace,

And its such a beautiful journey to be on with them.

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