Joybound Motherhood


Being a mother- it is who I am now.

Even when I am away from my children— they are constantly on my mind.

It is like breathing to me- it’s so normal and so necessary- I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.

My days are made up of helping and listening- cleaning and hugging.

How grateful I am to be a mother, theres nothing like it.

To have a love given to you a need only you can provide.

What a privilege— what a joy.

I don’t always have the patience— some days I don’t feel the joy or the privilege.

But its still holds true.

My kids aren’t perfect- they scream very loudly in public ( they have the most amazing vocal cords ) They have their bad days and then some bad very VERY bad days.

They are exactly how they should be.

The joy part comes from inside- looking through the eyes of understanding and love.

It comes from not letting the looks of the people around you when your kid is not having the best of days affect the way you look at your child.

Joy comes from not comparing other peoples joys.

I choose joy today.

I choose to love and speak lovingly.

I choose to be forgiving.

This is what being a mom means to me.

5 thoughts on “Joybound Motherhood

  1. “I choose joy” today – what a wonderful statement. I think we are all given the opportunity each morning to choose joy (or not) and what we choose will determine the direction of our day.


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