Becoming a Parent.


My first born was very nicely growing in my womb when the Walking Dead series just started up.

My husband was obsessed with it. Every Sunday night—-THE WALKING DEAD, and afterwards discussions would follow on how we would protect our family if Zombies were real.

It was the weekend when my labor started—- it was c r a z y! The whole three days waiting for things to progress is kind of a blur to me. But, S u n d a y, things started happening.

The hospital that we were going to have our baby at was 45 min away and, so, when I was like “Babe the Baby is coming” we headed out to the hospital. This was around 12pm in the afternoon. The nurse, of course, said,

“No, hon, you still need to be dilated to such and such.

So ,go home or walk around and see what happens.”

I was not happy to say the least—- I wanted to look at her and yell,

“Get this baby out of me!!! It obviously wants out!”

But I smiled at her and wobbled out of there hoping that it would pop out before we reached the exit.

SO, we walked around the mall… We live up North and it was February. Walking outside was not an option I wanted to consider.

We headed home just in time to catch THE WALKING DEAD, which starts at 9pm.

We had been walking around trying to get this baby out of me all freaking day!!

As soon as I sit down with my husband to watch the show, my contractions kicked in full force.

I look at my Husband and say, “Honey, the baby is coming.”

His response was “Babe we, are going to drive all the way to the hospital and they are just going to send us back home.

Let’s just wait till The Walking Dead is Finished.”

By this time, I was convinced that any of my labor was just false labor… (which made me even more scared of how painful this ordeal was going to be.) …and that he was probably right!!

So, we waited until the show ended—- and half way to the hospital my water broke.


You can always prepare yourself as best you can; reading- “ What to Expect When Expecting.” and get all the info on birthing techniques: how to be a supportive spouse through the process, what foods to eat/what foods not to eat, how spicy foods can give you heart burn, HOW ANY food can give you heart burn.

You learn how to put together a crib and the contraption we call a stroller. The joys of unfolding your first Pack And Play and you seriously wonder how those sides are ever going to hold up—— because you don’t read the instructions all the way which tell you to leave it partly folded while lifting the sides up.

I digress…

My point being—- we, seriously, go through a lot before having the actual baby.

Afterwards, when we have the impossible crib and all said baby things together, we get this safe feeling that, “Hey, I CAN DO THIS.”

Reality is this-— by the time we got to the hospital, we were EXHAUSTED.

All the info we read about on how to support each other through the birthing process was blurred by the craziness of a baby being delivered.

After it is all done, you forget everything because there she is. Beautifully perfect. That tiny little being you have been waiting for. And it doesn’t matter if you did Lamaz breathing or not.

Or, if you forgot that relaxing music you planned to play throughout the process to set a “peaceful” atmosphere.

E v e r y t h i n g stopped for me when they laid my daughter on my chest.

And all I did was cry.

Nothing prepares you for that moment.

The moment my love exploded and became a infinity.


9 thoughts on “Becoming a Parent.

  1. Love! I’m close enough now with my first one where everything is making me wonder if it’s labor starting! It’s all scary and exciting and frustrating and adrenaline pumping the first time that’s for sure! 🙂 I hope my story ends up as beautiful as yours!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is truly the most exciting and crazy experience ever!! It’s amazing how your body just knows what to do. I know your birth is going to be beautiful!!! So excited for you! Lots love to you and your little! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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