Weekly Connect Feature #5


I’m Cassie. As per my Instagram description, I’m just doing this thing called life with my love. Breast feeding, baby wearing, co sleeping momma of two. Photographer of bumps, babies, and  families. And if there was room I’d add in that I’m in the process of starting my own all natural skin and hair care line.

In case the skin and hair care line wasn’t a big enough indicator I’ve recently become obsessed with all natural beauty products. After my first daughter was born I struggled with terrible acne and just all around crazy skin. I was a total skin care junky and would try anything anyone recommended. (You’re welcome Lush & Ulta for giving you all my money.) Nothing really worked so I switched to covering it up instead. Yikes. Fast forward to the end of my second pregnancy (about two years later from the start of all this wonky skin) my oldest daughter was in PreK and constantly sick so I asked for some preventative suggestion and a ton of people recommended essential oils. Out of desperation I ordered some and started using them on my daughter. Surprise, surprise, those babies actually worked. So then I hoped over to Google and Pinterest and started reading any and all info I could find on them. I spent so much time researching. I saw it mentioned a ton about how they could help my skin so I started using them for that and immediately noticed big changes with my skin. Yea, you read that right BIG changes. So I started ditching all my other skin care products and was just using oils. Well after a few months that got boring because I actually really liked trying out all those skin care products. (My bank account did not, however.) I mean, who doesn’t love a good face mask?! That’s when I was like “Hey, I can make this stuff on my own.” and I did. And I loved it. Now I’m completely obsessed with finding new ways to create all natural products for myself and my family and ,hopefully pretty soon, for the rest of you guys. The stuff for my line is still being tested and tweaked but I got quite good at making some other things like body butters and scrubs. If you’re interested in making your own body butters and scrubs click here (http://cassiecphotography.com/category/oils/) and be sure to follow @lpessentials on Instagram so you can know when I post more diy recipes!

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