T w i g h t l i g h t.


Crying. The little voice yells out “Mom the sky. Sky no night night.” Oh spring days you bring on the longer daylight that I so missed in the winter but you make my little one so confused and certain that mama is totally bananas for making one go to bed when the evening twilight is saying it’s still time to play… more crying ensues. Co sleeping, it can be so beautiful, it can be downright miserable. I start singing her song. “Go to sleep little Zoey, God is watching over you, He is counting the ways to show you his love in a million more ways.” and finally I hear tiny snores.

2 thoughts on “T w i g h t l i g h t.

  1. oh… she looks adorable sleeping.
    i still remember those years when wendie used to go to sleep when it still was by day, but now that she’s 4 and doesn’t have to wake up soon, i let her go to sleep a little later 🙂

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