Purchasing C l o t h e s Online

Buying clothes online- I love it- in fact I find more deals online then I do at a store. Being a mother of two toddlers its not easy going clothes shopping for myself. They don’t really like just sitting in a cart while I browse. When I do go shopping I make sure I know exactly what I am looking for, what store it is in, and preferably in the mall or Target- or any store that has popcorn and pretzels. That keeps them happy for at least 30min. 😀 So shopping online is my leasuring shopping time. Many times people have told me that they don’t like shopping online because they cant try on the clothes. So I hope this little post will help.

1. Measure!!

This is important. And kinda a no brainer They will give you are chart online telling the measuring of each size, measure yourself. If you don’t feel like measuring read below.

2. Read the reviews!!

Every time I go to purchase a clothing item in my size every brand is different as you know, so reading reviews is extremely helpful. sometimes a Medium fits more like a Small or Large etc. So find the reviews that mention those things and go with that information when selecting your size.

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