All Things New.

I have started several blogs in my life. My first ever blog was started at xanga. (it wasn’t MySpace, that was second. lol) I was around 12 years old and had the worst grammar ever, still do lol. The idea of blogging instead of writing in my journal was so exciting I really didn’t post anything. I wish I remembered what my site was called. It probably had something like ” Drink Cappuccino Everyday”. I have always been obsessed with coffee and it always was evident in anything I wrote or took pictures of but that is story for another time (yes my love of coffee is a story of its own.)  The first real blog that I poured my heart and soul on was a site called Zooloo. Which sadly no longer exist. I have always turned towards starting a new blog whenever I start something that is life changing. Paranormallove started after I met the love of my life. Two little Clarks started after we got pregnant with our second child. And now this blog, Les Petits Clarks ‘The Little Clark’s’ has been born out of the starting of a new journey into a world of photography and blogging. I really want to learn how to connect and reach out to friends in this amazing community. I have made amazing friendships with these beautiful people on IG and I hope that some of you will come along with me and follow this new blog of mine 😀 .

So with the past blogs and their adventures and memories behind me I’m cheering on this beginning with the purpose to connect and capture.  Love and Light to you and yours! Xx Faith Clark

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