p o e t is Six

It is this darling girls Sixth birthday today. I just had to share some images from her growing up years past and present. Time just goes by too fast for this mama. But Darling girl you will always be my baby P o e t.   Things Poet loves.   Dinosaurs Princess everything Jo jO […]

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Growing Plants & Babies

I adore plants. My dear honey instead of surprising me with bouquets he surprises me with house plants. He speaks my language. lol Raising plants and raising babies are kind of the same- you water the plants too much they die- I hover over my children too much they want me to die. same same […]

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Repurposing Furniture

We never do anything in a slow manner-  ( somedays we do- but most times not ) like darling we go all in or nothing. And that is how last year went. We got pregnant with our littlest baby girl, we moved two times and then bought a house, moved in two weeks before little […]

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b a b y Essentials ( part #1 )

Before you were born baby girl- We prepare in every way. Getting your nursery together. Buying diapers and trying to think ten steps ahead… but this pregnancy brain last long after postpartum. And so anything that makes motherhood and the first months of your life more easy and helps me take more time enjoying you […]

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#36Weeks Bump Update

My obgyn told me she has dropped which I have been feeling like she has been low for awhile. 🌿 Contractions/Braxton Hicks are a daily thing.🌿 I am dilated to a Two. 🌿 Heartburn all day 🌿 I don’t wear shoes I have to tie anymore. Lol 🌿 Cravings are just everything Sugar and Carmel […]

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