Helping Your Kindergartener To Read.

Reading was big in my life growing up.

We were one of those families that didn’t watch a ton of movies, we didn’t watch alot of TV.

And so I went on my adventures with books. I loved it.

We were old school. lol

Hardy Boy Series

Nancy Drew

Anne of Green Gables

Little House on The Prairie

The list goes on.

Now with three darling girls of my own and two who are in Kindergarten and 1st Grade reading is what we are doing and learning to do.

My oldest LOVES to read and learn. Once something clicks she is off on her own. She learns very differently from my middle child and so I learned that even though these things worked with her I needed to find some different ways to help my little Kindergartener.


First off- if your child is five or six and isn’t reading that is OKAY… they are young and again every child learns at a different pace.

But I am trying to get my little girlie interested in learning and these are some ideas that I am doing that I thought I would share.

1st. Make It A Game.

My little darling is always on the move  and in a magical world of her own- and has no time to sit down and try to learn she has too much she wants to do OTHER then that.

Get little squares and write the Alphabet on them.

Place the squares throughout the room- and then ask them to find the letter that sounds like “buh”

Have them Hop, Skip, or Jump to the card.

This is also a fun way to help them get out their energy 😀

2ndHave Them Rhyme.

Rhyming helps with them to recognize sounds. Playing a Guessing Rhyming game is really fun for them and helpful, my Kindergartener loves this game.

Start them off with “What Rhymes with — Neat” they might say Beet or make up a word like Veet- which is perfectly okay and awesome for them.

3rd. Involve the Siblings.

Have Your older children read to the younger. Instead of screen time have them have some reading time with you or a sibling.

These are just a few fun things I have learned through their amazing teachers.

Teaching doesn’t come naturally to me and so finding things that are easy and that work is exciting.



Growing Plants & Babies

I adore plants. My dear honey instead of surprising me with bouquets he surprises me with house plants.

He speaks my language. lol

Raising plants and raising babies are kind of the same- you water the plants too much they die- I hover over my children too much they want me to die. same same lol

Im not sure if they are the same or not- I am learning how to take care of my little plants as well as my children- and sometimes I go to bed feeling like I have failed (not my plants- but sometimes that too lol).

I tend to overthink everything- take a peek into my mind and you will leave twitching and have anxiety for the rest of your life haha


Our middle child came into our room lastnight because she had a bad dream- and I was nursing our youngest and so my dear Love brought her back to her own room and stayed with her until she fell asleep again.

And I had guilt.

Guilt that a few months ago I would be the one to do that- or have enough room and patience for the bed hogging but now with a infant it is hard to have even when I want to.


This morning I woke up my little wilds were downstairs  ready to have me help them get going for school- and they were happy little people (until I brushed their hair and then I am the worst. ) And it made me thankful.

Thankful for a partner who takes up what I had to give up when having a infant.

Thankful for all those new ways I am able to be there for them as they grow up and life changes and they change…

Sometimes we shouldn’t feel so down about having mom-guilt- sometimes it is just there because we care and we want to be there in everything- but we just can’t and that is okay.

I am not always wanting to be present either somedays I just need a little breather and that is okay too- this life is demanding.

And sometimes it take a physical tole on ones body mind and soul. And that is okay too…

Our hearts aren’t confined to our bodies… our dreams of the future have now been expanded and our hopes and love for someone else have made us something so beautiful and extraordinary.

Even though I don’t feel like it at all… in the body that shows the marks of childbirth- life and love… it is still that.


Repurposing Furniture

We never do anything in a slow manner-  ( somedays we do- but most times not ) like darling we go all in or nothing.

And that is how last year went.

We got pregnant with our littlest baby girl, we moved two times and then bought a house, moved in two weeks before little Roux was born, and all the while my photography business was going strong and our two oldest beautiful girlies, Zoey and Poet had school, Soccer, and everything in-between. Not to mention that I did a wedding a week after Roux was born and there wasnt much of a break until Christmas… Last Year was CRAZY!!!

But Now these winter months have given us a break- (even a school break for the girls  because of all the snow we have been getting) and Now we can focus on renovating our home and make it our own.

I love Chip and Joanna Gains… like oh my heart she speaks to my soul.

But I do not consider my style FarmHouse- because ( and I say this with great love because Lord knows I love this store) Hobby Lobby is what I would consider FarmHouse- and I just am not all chicken and cows and pigs. Nothing wrong with it- my little animals in my home is my children they are enough for me.

But I love how Joanna creates this beautiful living spaces- and her home is a dream.

it inspires me… ANTHROPOLOGIE store inspires.

So my house is a little bit of this- and that and a whole lot of memories.

I love thrifting and remaking something- I recently did two projects and now I am just in love with how they turned out.

I had got this dresser five years ago from a thrift store that I made into our tv stand. And it was beautiful I loved it- still do and for the longest (five years) I didn’t want to change- but since we have been here and I love open and airy flow in my house I needed to change it.

I am so glad I did. It turned out wonderfully.

My next project was this old vintage wooden chest that my brother had given me and I used it as a coffee table.

Also something I loved the old charm and didn’t want to change and then decided to paint it white- and again I LOVE IT!!!!!

These kind of projects inspire me and I can’t wait to continue to work on our home and creating beautiful spaces for some beautiful memories.


From Birth to Five Months. Roux Marie Birth Story.

This pregnancy has been a rollercoaster of a adventure.

From conception to 30 weeks I was throwing up and experience nauseousness.

at 34 weeks I was in a car wreck that totaled my jeep

and at 37 weeks we bought and moved into our new home

The homestretch was here




Everyone- including myself was positive that she would make her appearance early- there was no way I would be overdue- joke on me.

She was a week overdue.

I tried to relax but that last week was torture waiting for baby girl to come.

I went hiking, bounced on a ball every night, did shot several photoshoots, walked hours around the mall and went on long walks with my love by lake Michigan, but nothing would make her budge- we tried everything…. e v e r y t h i n g.

And then August 21st on Tuesday night we had gotten some spicy hot wings for supper I started having contractions but not enough to cause me to wonder- plus by this time I was just done with hoping and then nothing happening- done with waiting- just done.

So I ignored them and went to bed.

Then around 4am I woke up and they were getting closer and closer and I couldn’t sleep but I still didn’t want to go in- but Evan was already up and getting our bags together and putting on clothes and told me we were going in- I am so glad he did because it was happening- even though I wasn’t convinced, even on the way to the hospital in the car I was like- nope its going to be a false alarm.

We arrived at the hospital and got settled in.

I wanted to do this natural- no pain medication.

But after five hours of painful labor my love told me something that changed my mind.

“Babe if you are refusing pain medication because of your pride please don’t.”

He was right- I was in so much pain, extremely tired, and so I got a to let me get a little rest and then three hours later it wore off and it was time to push. I pushed three times- and then the rest was a blur she was there the pain was gone and I felt nothing but euphoric relief and happiness.

She was so tiny- so much black hair, chubby, and perfect. so so perfect.

I laugh thinking back to what my doctor said “Okay that was easy she looks good to go home now.” Haha the nurses where like all saying no she has to stay 24hrs haha it was funny.

It was incredible. Evan cut the cord and was holding her- and the way he looked at her- my heart just was bursting.

We did it.

She laid on my chest and immediately started nursing.

No cries- throughout getting her changed and weighed this tiny perfect little one was just so calm.

Zoey and Poet came to meet her the next day and they couldn’t have been more thrilled. we video taped it and its my favorite memory ever.


Five months later she is the calm baby she was when she was born.

So incredibly easy and laid back.

Adored by her two wonderful sisters.


Here are some things Roux is loving at Five Months.

  1. Nursing- she loves all the milk. so pretty much attached at all times.
  2. Baby Einstein Mozart- She hears that music and is so happy to just watch that at any time its adorable.
  3. Scooting. She is determined to be mobile.
  4. Chewing on everything especially her feet.
  5. Her Sophia the Giraffe

project name_


b a b y Essentials ( part #1 )

Before you were born baby girl-

We prepare in every way.

Getting your nursery together.

Buying diapers and trying to think ten steps ahead…

but this pregnancy brain last long after postpartum.

And so anything that makes motherhood and the first months of your life more easy and helps me take more time enjoying you then worrying about if I have everything I need- I’ll do it/order it.

I have come to L O V E subscription boxes- they are amazing- they have them for about anything you would need now days-


From everything that a mom needs to baby needs and Tiny Bitz is a gem!!


They send you the most amazing softest, cuddley, adorable clothes for your baby from birth to 12months in ONE box!!  They have many styles and each box is fitted to you and baby seasonally.


Roux is wearing the 0-3months onesie.

It is adjustable (the most coolest feature I’ve seen in a onesie) and super soft and breathable, perfect for this summer going into fall weather.


Check out their website here at :

And let me know what you think.


If you love organic, soft, durable and adorable clothing for your babies, and getting things in the mail (which for me is like Christmas when it happens) you will love TinyBitz.


Littlest Baby Girl Nursery Reveal


Welcome to Baby Girl’s Nursery Reveal.

This has been long in coming and I never had so much fun and joy putting together a nursery.

Me and little family moved into our forever home, our dream home, the end of July and before we even brought our beds moved in we started setting up Baby girls room.

This Nursery Reveal is made possible by Delta Children, Carousel Designs, Little Sparrow Co, and Ellison Made.

Every item was handpicked, and lovingly made for our baby girl and it is so perfect.

One of first items I picked out was this beautiful sign made by EllisonMade.

For This Child I Prayed.


I remember back six years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest, Zoey, I never truly felt so needful of prayer in my life or over a another person then I did then and now.

And so over my girlies, my beautiful wilds- for this child I have prayed.

My goal for her nursery was to be light, and peaceful and full of love.

The next item I couldn’t do without was this beautiful crib I found on Wayfair.

I love it so much- it goes so well in our Colonial style Home.

Paired with this beautiful bedding by Carousel Designs and Wreath by Little Sparrow Co it is my dream come true.

I can’t get over how easy and fun it was to put together this bedding- I was able to pick out what kind of fabric I wanted for it and what kind of style I wanted- it was so amazing to see put together!!!! I can’t refer them enough- I love them so much!!!

And the finishing touch of the Wreath by Little Sparrow Co just completes it.

I have so many plans for this wreath too when baby comes.


It is the perfect backdrop for newborn photos and I can’t wait for her to arrive so I can use it for that also.


Looking for a baby changer and side table and little Laundry Basket can be tough and expensive- and if you go budget friendly you sometimes get what you pay for- and not in a good way.

But with Delta Children not only was this budget friendly but the quality and the easiness of putting it together impressed me extremely and I love how the Lancaster Style Changing Table and Side Table– it flows with the style of the crib and rocker.


There are many items in my nursery that make it complete that you can spot in here that I have mentioned in my Must Have Baby Registry List.

Thank you again to all the shops and companies that made this dream come true Nursery.

It is everything I could ever want and I can’t wait for the next time you see this Nursery it will be with our newest tiniest addition to our family- little baby girl.


My Must Have Baby Registry List


Each of my pregnancies have been so vastly different from the other and this one is no different.

Right down to how I am preparing and what I have on my list of things I need for the baby.

With my oldest- I thought I needed everything, baby bouncer, baby swing, etc etc. half of it i had to google when I could use it hahaha and most of it I used only once or twice.

With my second I still had all those things from my first but when she came along I found out what I truly needed and loved and alot of the stuff I had I didn’t touch and eventually just got rid of.

With this baby girl I feel so prepared for her it is amazing- I never have felt that before- always feel like I am forgetting something. ALWAYS. Most of the time I am lol.

So I wanted to share with you my must haves for baby.

*links will be at the bottom of this post.

First we have the DockATot.






I have had this on my radar for awhile- as soon as I found out I was pregnant with little baby girl I knew I needed one of these.

This is the perfect little docking space for your baby- I find it takes the place of the bassinet for me.

Just a few benefits from the DockATot and why it was my must have are here below if you would like to read.

REINVENTS THE WOMBDockATot® has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies. We like to think it's the next best thing to the womb. Babies can rest, play and loung


NEXT we have Ollie Swaddle.


I love swaddles- making this new transition from womb to world as peaceful and wonderful as I can for my baby girl and this is another item that helps with that.

THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS_Eases the transition from the wombDecreases irritability while promoting self-soothingEncourages calming to increase bondingEnhances quality of sleep to improve rest

My babies never really eurped up much but they drools like crazy- and when they started teething they were just drool monsters so I LOVE these bibs from Hemming Birds. They are something I am going to be using from newborn to toddlerhood.







Another thing on my Must Have Baby Registry List is a place where I can store the keepsakes throughout her childhood.

I have always had a hard time finding something other then a box or a plastic tub where I just throw their things that I want to store for them to have when they are older.

Savor instantly became a must have and a favorite and I am so excited to use this for baby girl and it is something I am getting for my other two girls also because it is never too late to become organized- and I so wish I had this sooner for them.






Designed for babies up to age 4, the Baby Edition Keepsake Box includes every detail to make sorting all your baby’s keepsakes – from the first sonogram to his favorite blankie – a snap. Acid-free drawers, vertical files for documents, even mini envelopes for that first lock of hair or first tooth, and illustrated labels help you organize and then find these cherished items.
The sturdy, custom-dyed fabric boxes of The Library are meant to be displayed like beautiful books and passed on proudly to the next generation, more fitting than that old shoe box.



My next item is a beautiful set by River Road Baby Co.

I LOVE their paci clip that match their soft bib.






This set is so soft and durable- It is going into my Hospital Bag for when baby girl comes.

They also make blankets which are so beautiful!!!!



Next up is for me!!!!!!! And baby of course lol.

My littles always loved to play with something while they nursed- be it my hair or other boob- both gave me discomfort when they were newborns- to this day my oldest loves to play with my hair when she starts to get sleepy- which is so sweet to me.

THIS would’ve saved me a lot of hair pulling and boobie pain though.






The Vintage Honey Shop makes Teething + Nursing Necklaces

for moms.

They are perfect for the baby to grab onto and I am so thankful I have this on my Must Haves.


Another thing I wish soooo wish I had for my other two baby girls is this Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock.


It saves so much room- and the hurdle of bringing in the carseat into the store. and you don’t have to worry about those cart germs.

This is another must have from Newborn and that first two years. I LOVE THIS!!!!




Something that saves your swaddles from becoming a booger blanket is urp up cloths. And so of course I had to have this one from Nana’s Sweat Shoppe- it is so soft and she has such fun patterns to choose from.


I couldn’t resist this- IT HAS LAMAS ON IT!!!!!!! I die. I love it so much. It’s almost too cute for those baby boogies haha.

My babies were always so sensitive to shampoo and lotion products- they broke out easily with anything that was not natural and so when I heard that Young LIVING came out with a baby line I was so down.






I LOVE Young Living- it has changed my life for reals- Abigail Bowman is my hookup and if you are looking for yours she is perfect and will answer all your Young Living questions.

Head on over to enter 11436792 in both the sponsor and enroller fields And she will give you $20 cash back after you sign up for a Premium Stater Kit.


This is another item that is in my Hospital Bag.

I had to have a little set of bloomers for baby girl.

Because outfits are fun to have but realistically she will be living in onsies for the first couple months- especially in this summer heat.






I LOVE these darling bloomers from Johnny Banana Co.

Last but not least is ERGO BABY!!!

I love this brand so much.

They have such amazing products and all of which are on my must have list for baby girl.


They have amazing Baby Carriers, Strollers, Nursing Pillows, and Diaper Bags.

That’s just a sneak peek of things that I love for baby girl.






What are your must haves for when you are expecting. I would love to hear them!!!